Latest Digested Book

Flesh Gothic
by Edward Lee

The horror genre keeps me coming back for more, and I have a tiny fascination with haunted house novels. To add to my list of haunted house book collection is Edward Lee's "Gothic Flesh." 

When I told my friend about this book she said it sounded just like all the rest. I would agree some aspects are similar, but it is the nuance of each haunting novel that makes the difference. Yes, "Gothic Flesh" has the same detail of gifted individuals visiting a house considered haunted to rectify, or to prove authenticity similar to Shirley Jackson's "The Haunting of Hill House," and Richard Matheson's "Hell House," but each book difference is the cause of this supernatural nature that the house possesses. "Gothic Flesh" is not the best I’ve read, but interesting. Maybe it isn’t my cup of tea, for all the sexual contents, but hey, if you like erotic horrors with a morbid twist this book maybe for you. My favorite haunted house novel for now is Bentley Little's "The House".