Before I Go To Sleep by S. J. Watson

Before I Go To Sleep is an exceptional debut novel by S. J. Watson. It is an international bestseller and the movie rights has been bought by producer, director Ridley Scott, recognized for producing Hannibal, Black Hawk Down, and Body of Lies. Substantiating, it is a book that will captivate readers.

Nevertheless, before investing invaluable time into a novel, I invariably read a sample of a book, at least the first chapter. Most novels recently publish novels, provide a chapter or two for prospective customers. Barnes & Noble and Amazon both have a feature that provides a peek inside the book called See Inside and Look Inside.

Before I Go To Sleep is an epistolary psychological suspense novel. Christine an amnesiac who is unable to retain her memories narrates it in the first person perspective. As the day ends, Christine must sleep, which is when her memories are effaced leaving her dependent on Ben. Her journal entries reveals and associates her past igniting flashbacks causing her to question what she has been told by Ben and question her own beliefs.

Through Watson descriptive sentences conveying a women's bewilderment, it is easy to empathize with Christine. Although she is a dynamic character, at times the story seems to be repetitious and slow paced, but possibly this approach is used to illustrates and coincide with her amnesia.

If this premise brings to thought the movie 50 First Dates, it does share the similarity of a protagonist with amnesia, but Before I Go To Sleep is suspenseful and eerie. It is a page turner with tension building slowly and a concluding revelation.