Stella Gibbons' "Cold Comfort Farm"

Cold Comfort Farm

by Stella Gibbons

Surprisingly I have never heard of "Cold Comfort Farm" until I stumbled upon it in Barnes & Noble. The only reason why I picked the book up off the display was, because I liked the cover that Penguin Classics bestowed on it (See Image). The book didn't have a synopsis, and I thought what the hay, I'll buy it. Now, that I've read it, I don't regret the indiscriminate purchase. Gibbon's poetic writing syle and witty humor creates a hilarious novel that turns out to be a do-gooder novel. The only thing I would like to know, what happen in the woodshead?

Short Synopsis:

Flora, well educated, is left without a home after her adventuring parents depart to greener pastures. She is left to find a place to settle; therefore, Flora decides to write some relates and see who will best suit her company.