St. Augustine, FL

Photography taken by me at St. Austustine, FL. Wallpaper size downloadable on my site.


Duma Key
by Stephen King

I went to Florida last week, and I took along Stephen King's Duma Key, which is his most recent publish novel.  It took me a while to read through Duma Key.  The lengthiness of the book, which is a little over 600 pages was not the cause of my slow reading pace, and most definitely the contents of the novel was not the reason but rather my lack of focus.  It was a perfect book to read during my vacation located close to the beach, because the story takes place in the Florida Keys and many of the scenes have an eloquent description of the beach and its sunrise. Stephen King was able to make a tranquil environment of the beach into a place of peril.    

Like in many Stephen King novels the characters and specially the protagonist are well developed.  The novel starts of quite slow paced, but those who are patient will be rewarded. At first, minor supernatural occurrences take place that pique curiosity, and then a bolt from the blue, a paramount ghastly occurrences happens.  Afterward there is a constant contend against the strange force from Duma Key. 


The novel is narrating through the protagonist perspective, who is Edgar Freemantle. Freemantle struggle physically and emotionally after a calamitous accident.  He is propelled to start a new life, and that new life starts on Duma Key.  However, strange phenomena transpire as he starts a new vocation as an artist.  

Duma Key is so intriguing that after the conclusion, I still wanted to read more about Freemantle.  

Organizing, a happy pastime...

I've been doing some organizing and I'm enjoying it! Fiddling with my books is analogous to a child playing with toys. Here is a photograph of just a section of my book collection reorganized.