Junk Snail Mail

I have finally conceded to temptation; I got my first Easton Press book in the mail. I ordered the horror classic collection, because I'm at heart a horror lover; it is what made me love to read. Anyway, I was very pleased when I received the first book which is H.G. Wells' "The Island of Doctor Moreau. However, in the past few weeks I have been receiving a lot of junk mail from Easton Press. First I received a catalog, and that was not too bad. I actually looked through it, but then I started to get stupid pamphlets. Will it ever stop now?


Podcast for bibliophiles.

I have never acknowledged podcasts; my ipod was always filled with music. Ipod has made my long communte a little more bearable. Anyway, a couple of nights ago while downloading itunes, I accidently clicked on podcast then decided to surf. What I found raised an eyebrow. I knew podcast had the news and such, but Barnes & Noble has a podcast that once subscribed to will automatically download interview from "Meet the Writers". I'm now listening to some of my favorite writers talk about their books such as what inspired them, to plots and characters. Anyway, thought it was cool.


A romance novel

Lost Highway

by Curtiss Ann Matlock

The title Lost Highways intrigued me, and when I picked it up, it was good as bought. I needed to read something a little different than my usual read. I ended up reading a love novel. I'm not really a sentimental type of woman that likes to read about reunited love or about HIS muscular chest. Thank goodness this novel was not one of them.

Well to make this short, the book was good even though it was ridden with errors. The plot was real, something that you can imagine happening to someone through life. The author took her time to unfold the plot. I couldn't believe she wrote over 300 pages for this story. However, there was a nice southern feel to the novel.

Synopsis: After tragic events Rainy is shaken up. She hops in her mother's truck, and goes off without any particular destination. Will she find her niche in life and true love?