Catalog your book collection.

I've been using Delicious Library to catalog my book collection for a long time. Since it lacks a built in html export, I have started using Bookpedia. However, there are free exports available for Delicious Library, but the exports are not efficient for a large collection. Meaning that if you have over a hundred items in your library (like me), it will take longer to load on a browser, because all the book cover images are loaded in the same window. Bookpedia’s interface is not as pretty as Delicious Library, but it has more features such as wish list etc., and its search on book information is superior. In addition, it has a built in export and a .mac export, which makes it super simple to have your book collection ready to share. Now, I find myself using both softwares, because I don’t have the heart to give up on Delicious Library. Cross my fingers, 2.0 will be available soon with a built in export and better information book search.

My book collection is now on the side bar links.

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