It's been along time.

It's finally summer and I survived yet another semester of college hell. I've even accomplish straight A's in all five of my classes (I don't know how I did it). Tomorrow I'll be starting summer classes in two different colleges. For, four weeks I'll have long days until one of my classes end. Then I'll only need to go to one college (Less traveling :)). I really need to graduate; I don't know how much longer I can take this drudgery. In particular, the second language requirement is a pain in the ass and seriously causing stress with a tinge (or a little more) of depression.

I haven't been able to read a lot of novels for the past five months. However, I read two novels by Charlaine Harris. I have three reasons why I read her books. One, I was really depressed because of school and needed something to cheer me up (reading a good novel always cheers me up). Two, I went to her book signing, and was dying to read book seven of her Sookie series that is called "Definitely Dead". The other book "Sweet and Deadly" is a non-series mystery, which is one of her first published books.

Mrs. Harris discussion and book signing was a great exprience. She's friendly, funny and you can definitely feel the southern hospitality that is also a wonderful element in her books.

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