Another Christmas and a new start.

Another Christmas is over, and I am relieved. This year Christmas felt different; gifts were to a minimum and there was less merriment in the air, which is not particularly due to the scant amount of gift giving, but rather it was due to the time restraints. I've finished college, and I've definitely worked diligently this semester. School has consumed much of my time, and I haven't recuperate from my many all-nighter paper writing sessions. So, my lack of energy has effected my holiday spirit this year. I hope to be in a better Christmas mood next year.

With the accomplishment of finally finishing college, I am pondering my next move. I undoubtedly want to go to graduate school, but which school, and what shall be my major? Should I look for a job? I certainly can use the extra money. Oh well, I need to breath, take a break, and rework my list of goals. I've just completed a major goal!

Oh, and I need to start (asap) reading some great entertaining novels.

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a strange boi said...

I say relax, my dear...