A. Lee Martinez's Too Many Curses

Too Many Curses
by A. Lee Martinez 

Too Many Curses is A. Lee Martinez's fifth and most recent novel. Like all his novels except The Automatic Detective, which is the only Martinez's book that I have not read, Too Many Curses is what I would call a comical fantasy. Reading an interview, I discovered Martinez does not intentionally try to write comically, and this is seen in his writing style. The humorous aspects flow naturally with his story; it is never trying. 

Similar to Martinez's other comical fantasies, the characters are all unique, and his protagonist is the underdog with many idiosyncrasies that do not always attribute to the classic hero, in this circumstance heroine. Nessy, a kobold with dog like features (can be similar to Germanic mythological kobold, but also differs) is lowly housekeeper for Margle, a diabolical wizard that meets an unfortunate end, which leaves Nessy to protect and maintain the inhabitance of his castle. The inhabitances of the castle are Margle's foes that he has cursed into bizarre forms and monsters he has created and collected. For instance, Margle's brother Yazpib is a gooey substance of teeth and eyes in a glass jar. Almost all Margle's cursed adversaries have their own story to tell, and participates with Nessy to fight the forces contending to destroy the castle and the creatures within it.

Though I enjoyed reading Too Many Curses, and thought that the many characters within the story were interesting, Nessy I believed lacked depth until the end. I did not seem to care about her well-being as much as I cared for other supporting characters like Sir Thedeus, the bat. Nevertheless, it was a good magical story with imaginative characters, but my favorite A. Lee Martinez book is still Gil's All Fright Diner. If you are a fantasy fan that appreciates humor then you should read A. Lee Martinez's books. 

Another humorous writer I recommend is Christopher Moore especially his novel A Dirty Job

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