The Ghost In Love: A Novel by Jonathan Carroll

The Ghost In Love: A Novel 
by Jonathan Carroll

"The Ghost In Love” is more than a mere ghost story regarding love. Jonathan Carroll creates an unpredictable story that tackles the subject of destiny and identity using unconventional circumstances that will make you laugh and discern that those are some profound prose that can motivate the most cynical human being. Love is a principal component, but not the cliché, I would do anything for you, rather how love can guide you to happiness. A clandestine confabulation between man and best friend (dog) conducted in a secure atmosphere (refrigerator), the angel of death appearing on a plate of bacon and eggs, and cancer floating around as a pink substance looking for its assignment seems preposterous, but Jonathan Carroll has a talent for making outlandish circumstances realistic.


Ben Gould, a man that should have died has come back with extraordinary abilities that seem more like a neurosis, which has overtaxed his relationship with girlfriend German Landis. Ben must find a way to put his life back together, but he must contend with his nemesis, someone we have all probably contended with throughout life. With his ghost Ling, dog Pilot, ex-girlfriend German, and death survivor Danielle Voyles, Ben is the evolution of humanities quirk to that pesky problem called death. 

I am rushing to buy another Jonathan Carroll novel.


Anonymous said...

If you like Carroll's prose, you really should visit his website
www.jonathancarroll.com where he writes one of the great daily blogs. Funny, touching, and often profound. Great stuff.


Valisa said...

Thanks, just visited the blog. Today's entry, a man's gusto for Fahrenheit cologne. Definitely great stuff :)