A New Banner

For my small audience, I hope you like my new banner. Through the years, I have tried about three different banners none demonstrating my personal style. This banner reflects my eclectic taste. For instance, there is Vincienzo, the shark in a jar of formaldehyde on the right; he is my dead pet shark purchased as a birthday gift last year. To the left, my canopic jar and Buddha head are displayed. Lastly, a marvelous caricature of me adds a personal touch. However, to complete the banner there must be many books, which it indeed contains.

I commissioned an extremely talented artist, A. R. Khan to create this personalized banner, who just happens to be a very close friend. Her work is diverse; she paints exceptional abstract, surrealism, and realism (portraits). She has the ability works with many mediums to create a distinctive piece. Besides traditional painting, she is a seasoned book illustrator. She is an artist for hire with the keen talent for personalizing. You can view more of her work here Arkart.

Above photograph of the real Vincienzo. 

1 comment:

nuitari said...

Very cool banner! Kudos to the artist.

I want a dead shark pet too.