16 Free Books For Download

I have noticed many readers are looking for free ebooks. Majority of the free ebooks are public domain, which means those books are wonderful classic literature. However, as the eminent Mark Twain said, “A classic is a book which people praise and don’t read.”

Harlequin is having a 60 anniversary. To celebrate, 16 books are available for download, and it is free. Genres available are suspense and paranormal, passion, home and family, romance, and historical. However, I think all can be pigeonholed to the genre of romance. I do not read romance, but I will try one of the suspense and paranormal novels. In addition, majority of the book covers are the typical amorous representation of the ideal male specimen, in particular “Once A Cowboy” by Linda Warren is enticing.

The books are available in four formats: .pdf, ePub, eReader, and MS Reader. Download the ebooks at Harlequin Celebrates.

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