The Washington Antiquarian Book Fair

Being such an avid reader and book collector, I am astonished to say I have never attended a book fair. On the contrary, it is not surprising; I have never scavenged through garage sales and thrift shops for a great find, and I rarely go visit a bookstore to acquire a first edition or that hard to find novel. Majority of capitalistic book chain stores only stock their stores with popular fiction and nonfiction, so there is no point wasting time strutting down to your local Barnes & Noble or Borders unless you are buying that newly release novel. Many of my acquisitions have been purchase via the Internet. With just a click of a button and a plastic card, my book collection has expanded.

Doing it the old fashion way, next week I will be attending my first book fair, precisely the Washington Antiquarian Book Fair.

What exactly is at this book fair? There will be 75 book dealers exhibiting rare books, prints, maps, and autographs. Lectures relating to antiquarian books, book appraisals, and a special exhibit of Aesop’s Fables will be the highlights.

The book fair will be held on March 5th & 6th, 2010. For more information visit the Washington Antiquarian Book Fair.

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