What happens when we die?

The Brief History of the Dead

by Kevin Brockmeirer

I'm sure we have all ruminated over what happens when we die? Is it just the end, only darkness? Is there a heaven or hell that reside afterlife, or is there a rebirth? Is life a cycle of different realms, and each realm is progression. Well Kevin Brockmeier's unique book " The Brief History of the Dead" gives a take on life after death.

While one woman struggles to survive in the world at the cold Antartica, in another world people are cling to the life they have built, and wonder what is happening? A number of peoples' life stories are told that intertwines to connect with the idea that life is formed somewhere else after we pass from life on Earth.

My thoughts on Brockmeier's book is that I wish there was more. Now, that can be viewed as good or bad; I don't feel gypped after reading his book, for the material was interesting, and I enjoyed his descriptions. The descriptions was so vivid I could see it in my mind's eye. I could see the the city where the people lived, and I could feel the cold in Antarctica. Yet, I would like to know what happens to the characters. Some characters were just left hanging, and that can make a reader pretty perturbed. Anyway, I cross my fingers and hope that I see a sequel.

Oh, and if you like novels about afterlife below is a very short list of books I have read that I thought would be relevent to this category.

Mitch Albom's the five people you meet in heaven
Douglas Clegg's Afterlife
Alice Sebold's Lovely Bones

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