Brian Keene's Zombies

The Rising and The City of the Dead

by Brian Keene

There has been a zombie craze happening for a while, and Brian Keene's books have caused an upwelling in the genre. Even Stephen King has written a zombie novel subsequence to Keene. I bought and read Keene's two well known zombie books, "The Rising" and "The City of the Dead". The Rising is the 2003 Bram Stoker award winner for first novel, and it truly deserves the accolade.

When the living die they become the undead. They eat human flesh not only for the taste but to kill and recruit more fo their fellow undead. The zombies are articulate and abound; they are more then just zombies but demons. Jim Thurmond, a driven father must rescue his son before he becomes and undead too; he must travel and confront the undead, and on the way there he collides with other survivors of the living dead pandemic who become his companions. The sequel continues Jim Thurmonds adventure.

What I like about "The Rising" and "The City of the Dead" is that the characters are well developed and the story have a fast moving pace. There were twist and turns that made me feel like I was on a rollercoaster; I really couldn't foresee the drops. After reading both books, there is a feeling of completion.

If you like Brian Keene and live around New York or New Jersey, I saw in his site he is going to be at the below address on July 22, 2006.

Monmouth County Library Headquarters
125 Symmes Road
Manalapan, New Jersey
Speaking: Noon to 1pm (signing afterward) This GSHW event is open to the public.

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