Horribly Funny

Bride of Trash

by Mike Segretto

Everyone seems to want love, but not everyone gets it. However, sometimes the most unlikely people find love, and in the most unlikely manner. Even though "Bride of Trash" pertains to love, it does not quite fall into the genre of romance, but can also be categorized into comedic horror / fantasy.

Mike Segretto's main character in "Bride of Trash is Whizzer" a junk shop proprieter who craves for companionship with benefits (if you know what I mean). When old Whizzer gets what his heart desires, it comes along with problems that are not easily remedied. Whizzer must conceal his necrophilism, and torn body parts that trail back to him.

Humor can be seen throughtout the novella. Whizzer is a brash old man, and word choice is key to segretto's style. If you're the type of person to get offended by crude language this book is not for you, but I feel this aspect is what gives the short piece character, and turnes Whizzer to life.

Bride of Trash is an interesting read, for its humor, and plot. Segretto definitely has a sense of humor, but never goes over the top. It doesn't feel silly, but has a nostagic feel for retro horror movies. Since, I grew up in the 80's it reminds me of Elvira the movie particular the lynch mob.

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