Paranormal Mystery Series

An Ice Cold Grave

by Charlaine Harris

It would be just lovely if everything in life could wrap-up as a Harris mystery novel. The villain gets caught, the endearment one feels for another is reciprocated, and the mystery is no longer a mystery but just a piece of the puzzle that fits perfectly into the conundrum of life. Yay for fiction!

An Ice Cold Grave is the third installment to the Harper series. Harper, a woman in her early twenties has the ability to indiscriminately detect corpses after being struck by lightning. In addition, she can ascertain the cause of death. She travels all across the United States contracted to resolve missing person cases and deaths that seem awry.


Hired by the local sheriff after a succession of teenage boys go missing in the quaint town of Doraville, North Carolina, Harper encounters her first case of a grisly serial killing. She is unable to walk away from this case, for the gruesome end that befell on the teenage boys, and the serial killer wants to stop her before she can stop him. The unconventional relationship Harper and her stepbrother, Tolliver Lang, develop throughout the series is finally settled.

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