Happy Birthday Edgar Allan Poe.

Today, to remember the great American writer Mr. Poe, I went to the Poe Museum in the historical district of Richmond, Virginia. The museum boasts a large collection of Poe related materials such as rare first editions, hand written letters by Poe (Poe has a beautiful penmanship), and personal belongings such as clothes and a walking stick to list a few.

The museum is located in an Old Stone House that was establish in 1922. It is comprise of five separate areas, one of which was close due to construction. One must first enter the gift shop in order to view the rest of the compound. Admission of $6.00 is paid at the gift shop register. After paying, a sticker which states Poe Museum and has the prominent image of a raven is given that must be placed in visible sight. Then an informative green handout is given. It contains a map that is helpful for your self tour.

The museum has a lonesome atmosphere, for my husband and I were two out of the three visitors. Nevertheless, the museum is worth viewing for a Poe enthusiast. What makes the visit worth it to me is the rare first edition books, the beautifully written letters by Poe himself, and the Raven Room that exhibits illustrations created by James William Carling for the publication of The Raven in 1882.

Above are photographs of the Enchanted Garden. The first photograph is the bust of Poe that is the shrine for museum visitors. The second photograph is just one angle of the Enchanted Garden. The Garden was created to commemorate Poe's love of Gardens. Photography is prohibited in the museum.

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