Nightmare Before Christmas Bookends

It’s September 17th, and you know what that means, there are only 44 days until Halloween and stores are ready, supplied for demand. I have a fondness for this ghoulish holiday. Stalking across my neighbors’ threshold, wearing a sinister witchy costume, filling my plastic pumpkin with an ample supply of candy is reminiscent of my childhood. The colorful costumes, the glow of jack-o’-lanterns, the dry corns hanging, the brisk cool air, and the ground ablaze with dry leaves commences my holiday spirit. I have digressed from the topic, which is The Nightmare Before Christmas bookend set, but the movie evokes Halloween nostalgia. In addition, as a Tim Burton admirer, I love the claymation film, and Danny Elfman’s songs and score contributes to the enchantment of the film.

Anyhow, I consider myself lucky; I purchased the last set of bookends and candleholders. After some (Velma) snooping, I found out that these items availability at the Disney store are limited. It is not even selling on the Disney online store. The Nightmare Before Christmas bookends are of the Mayor’s car. The headlights actually lights up as well as the back hanging lanterns.

The Nightmare Before Christmas bookends now supporting my Easton Press 13 Classic Horror collection.

(front of car) side and front view

(back of car) back view

(back of car) right side view

(back of car) left side view


David said...

Can you please tell me the retail price for that since the store that I was at had 3 but when I went back they had none and now I need to know the retail price. :) Thanks in advance and you are a lucky lady. ;)

Valisa said...

Hi David,
I bought it for $69.50 at the Disney Store. I hope you find a set. :)