Richard Matheson's Button, Button: Uncanny Stories (The Box)

Button, Button: Uncanny Stories
by Richard Matheson

Revered Richard Matheson is well known for his novella I am legend, which has recently again dawned our motion picture multiplexes, starring Will Smith. It is not the only literary work of Matheson to make it to the big screen. I can think of at least two other films based on Matheson's novels. The first to thought, Hell House and the second is What Dreams May Come starring Robin Williams. In 2009, another motion picture, starring Cameron Diaz will be added to Matheson's credit, based on a short-story Button, Button. Renamed to The Box, the movie will be release in theaters late March. In addition, Button, Button was also adapted to an episode of The Twilight Zone. Only eleven pages long, it might be a surprise that this very short story will soon be a movie. Keep in mind it is not the quantity but the quality that is salient. It is a unique and intriguing story.

Teaser Synopsis: A surprising gift with a peculiar offer, sometimes if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A couple gets an offer too sweet to resist, money, but someone will have to pay the price with life.

I have never been an enthusiast of anthologies or short-story collections. Although I must admit, I own quite a few anthologies. Button, Button: Uncanny Stories a short-story collection, is an instant gratification book. Each story is engaging by the first page, but I have my favorites, which are Mute, Dying Room Only, and Clothes Make the Man. After reading Matheson's Button, Button: Uncanny Stories, I am inclined to start reading more short stories.

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