Leash, Bone, and Acquired book before release date

I had to do a few errands today. One of them was to buy a new leash and bone for my mother's dog, Tiffany. Tiffany is an American Pit Bull with the sweetest temperament. I insist, she thinks she is a Chihuahua. She shies away from aggressive dogs. Even a teacup Yorkshire terrier can have her shaking like a leaf. Demonstrating Pit Bulls are not innately aggressive, but people make them aggressive. 

Anyway, after going to PetSmart, I stopped next-door to Borders. There I saw a new horror anthology edited by Peter Straub. The anthology Poe's Children, represents horror writers that do not write stereotypical horror gore, but share aspects of the eminent Edgar Allan Poe's dark literature. The book includes 24 short stories with some heavy weight horror authors such as Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Joe Hill, Ramsey Campbell, and David J. Schow. When I went to enter my new book into my digital library, I realized this book is not supposed to be available until October 14. This is the first time; I was able to get a book before the release date. I know it is not extraordinary, but to me, it is very cool.

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