A Series For The Horror Lover In You

My heart filled with glee after I discovered Wordsworth Editions. It is a UK publishing company, which sells affordable books. I am thrilled that Wordsworth Editions has a series of books for horror enthusiast, like me. The series is entitled Tales of Mystery and The Supernatural. Thus far, there are 52 books in the collection, and today I have received my first book from it, Sweeney Todd or The String of Pearls by Anonymous. 

My intention is to collect the entire series. It may seem to be a simple plan, but some of the books are quite difficult to find, because the publishing company is based in the UK. Most of the books are out of stock on Amazon, so I will have to buy it from an Amazon Seller or on EBay. However, the books that are in stock on Amazon are eligible for special offers, which is the 4-for-3 promotion.

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Proth said...

For anyone else interested, Sweeney Todd, can be found for free online @:

And if you like Sweeney Todd you should try other penny dreadfuls such as:

The Feast In Blood


The Mysteries of London