It by Stephen King (25 Anniversary Special Edition)

Lazily reading in bed on an overcast Monday morning, my phone chimes. The distinct chime is a notification that I have received an email. Grabbing my phone and swiping, I become excited when I glimpse on the subject from Cemetery Dance Publication, "It by Stephen King Limited Edition". Cemetery Dance Publication makes beautiful limited edition books for the horror genre. I knew that this was an opportunity to add a signed book by Stephen King to my book collection, and it is not just any book; it is It!

I rush to my Macbook. Go to my email account and I click on the link provided. To my alarm, Cemetery Dance Publication website is taking long to load. I get an error message page. Uneasily, I utter, "What is going on?" After numerous refreshing, about twenty-five minutes, I was able to preorder a copy, the deluxe oversized hardcover signed limited edition. Only 750 will be printed, and it cost $475. The deluxe oversized hardcover signed letter edition is sold out; only 52 will be printed, and it cost a steep price of $2000. The slipcase oversize hardcover gift edition is unsigned costing $125, and only 2750 will be printed. The books should be shipped this fall. 

This is a great opportunity to own a signed Stephen King novel.

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