Nocturne by Syrie James

By Syrie James

I have never read any of Syrie James books before Nocturne, which is her fourth novel. Los Angeles Magazine calls her “the queen of nineteenth century re-imaginings.” Her previous novel Dracula, My Love refashioned the beloved characters Dracula and Mina Harker, and her first two novels weave a fictional story of the eminent authors Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë. Unlike her other novels Nocturne is based on original characters.

At Borders bookstore, I noticed Nocturne on the shelves of the horror section. Reading the front flap of the book, it appeared to be a romance, but since it has a supernatural element, to my dissatisfaction, it is designated to the horror genre. There is nothing frightening about Nocturne.

In a romance only two people are necessary, and there is only two characters in this short story told by the female character. Love flourishes after Nicole car spins out of control trying to get home in a blizzard on a desolate Colorado mountain. She is saved by an attractive, mysterious man, who is discontent to have a houseguest. In time, Nicole and Michael hearts thaw as they uncover similar interests. Sexual tension burgeons, but is that enough when Michael’s identity is revealed?

I would recommend Nocturne as a fulfilling sentimental, short love story on a cold night. Cuddle up to a warm fire or a soft blanket, and know, that love heals.

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