Bentley Little's 20th Anniversary Special Limited Edition of The Mailman

I gleefully clasped an indistinguishable brown box, and there was no dread to see the mailman. Inside, carefully packed was the book I had ordered many months ago from Cemetery Dance, Bentley Little's 20th Anniversary Special Limited Edition book, The Mailman.

A prominent horror writer known for his catchy novel titles, original sensational story plots, Bentley Little is also know for the novel Stephen King was carrying in 1999 when he was struck by a vehicle. He was not carrying The Mailman, but The House. Nevertheless, acquiring a signed hardcover limited edition is a splendid addition to my book collection in particular my horror collection. Little's 1990's books were only published as a softcover, and later published in hardcover as a book club edition and UK edition.

Cemetery Dance is selling two publishing states: signed hardcover limited edition of 1000 and deluxe signed lettered edition of 52 hardcover with tray case. Both editions are currently available.

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