My Five Favorite Horror Novels

Today I received an email from Centipede Press, a publishing company that specializes in publishing limited amount of books in the genre of horror, science fiction, and crime; the books are beautifully illustrated and designed. There are a few Centipede Press books in my library. In the newsletter, there is a list of Williams F. Nolan's top horror novels. After reviewing the list and concurring to quite a few of the titles, I realized some of my favorite horror novels were not mentioned, so here is my top five favorite horror novels (for now). 

Valisa's Top Five Favorite Horror Novels

Richard Laymon The Traveling Vampire Show
Stephen King Pet Sematary 
Bentley Little The House
Anne Rivers Siddon The House Next Door
H.G. Wells The Island of Dr. Moreau

Williams F. Nolan's Top Horror Novels (Listed In No Order)
William Hjorsberg Falling Angel
Richard Matheson I am Legend
Stephen King Salem's Lot
Stephen King The Shining 
William Golding Lord of the Flies
Davis Grubb The Night of the Hunter
Thomas Harris The Silence of the Lamb
Thomas Tryon Harvest Home
Robert Marasco Burnt Offerings
Shirley Jackson The Haunting of Hill House
Theodore Sturgeon The Dreaming Jewels
Thomas Tessier Fog Heart
Peter Straub Ghost Story
Cornell Woolrich Night Has a Thousand Eyes
Poppy Z. Brite Exquisite Corpse
Fritz Leiber Gather Darkness
Fritz Leiber Conjure Wife
Franz Kafka The Trial
William F. Nolan Helltracks
Joe Lansdale The Nightrunners

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